Playful, bold and exuberant,

Black Line Crazy is a brand with adventure at its heart and where the color black always takes center stage.

-Mary van de Wiel, artist / creative director / founder

Back Story.

One day, this New York-based/Dutch branding maverick landed in the middle of México, picked up a brush and a can of black house paint and, for the first time in her life, started to paint floor to ceiling. It turned her world upside down. That’s when the scale of her work grew bigger, bolder and more impulsive. 


in a studio in San Miguel de Allende, México, exploded floor to ceiling in Brooklyn, and then in Sydney, Australia, burst across murals, home furnishings, upholstery, gallery windows, and printed textiles.


she’s recently launched her first BLC Collection. Starting with vegan leather in México City, she printed her BLC artwork on messenger bags, totes and zippered portfolio sleeves.


was the BLC Wool Collection of area rugs and throws handwoven by master weavers outside San Miguel de Allende. In 2022, a new collection of textiles, homewares and accessories has been in the works, and now, her collection of genuine leather bags launches in New York in 2023.

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