Saint Cloche Gallery
August 2015

For van de Wiel, black takes center stage. Playful, bold and exuberant, her artworks celebrate the power of line and spontaneous mark making on paper, canvas as well as on printed fabric.

When Kitty Wong, owner of the Saint Cloche gallery in Paddington first approached van de Wiel, she suggested booking August later that year for exhibiting her work. In the meeting, Wong then asked the question, “So, where else have you exhibited, Van? #gasp. This was going to be her first exhibition, she explained.

A highly-successful first show, it also included the work of ceramicist Jan Howlin. For van de Wiel, her several retro chairs covered in BLC fabric — mixed with her paintings and collages — made for high-drama mileage in creating a dynamic immersive black line environment.

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