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Public Art Installation, What Were They Thinking?
New York City | 1285 Avenue of the Americas

Sept 14, 2019 – 
Unveiled in the UBS corporate bank lobby at 1285 Avenue of the Americas & West 51 Street, van de Wiel’s first public art installation was commissioned by And Partners which acts as ‘co-curators’ on behalf of its clients. Located in a massive interior walkway, her 4 x5 ft artworks are encased in five vitrine windows. In addition, her Black Line Crazy black vinyl graphics are spilling across the entire line up of 15 glass panels. It’s still up.”We see opportunities with artists like Mary van de Wiel to make original works at 1285 Avenue of the Americas as a great example of the intersection of contemporary art and commerce,” said David Schimmel, founder and CEO of And Partners. Viewing Hours: Weekdays 9am-5:30pm

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